Milo Matthews

Hey Milo, it's Rich from Girdwood. My girlfriend and I will be in Colorado the 1st week of October and I was looking at your schedule in hopes that our paths may cross, and we would get to see you perform. Unfortunately, it seems like we'll be gone by the time you're in Crestone on the 14th. But we will, however, be in Breckenridge the weekend prior, for the Colorado State snow science and avalanche workshop, attended by hundreds of ski patrollers and snow researchers from around the Rockies. My girlfriend seems to think having you play the after party of the workshop at one of the local bars would be a possibility and a great crowd for you. I wanted to ask you first if this is something you would be available for and interested in, before we put any energy into finding more about it and trying to make it happen. No promises we can make it happen, but we'd love to see you and do what we can to help set up a gig for you. you have been missed in Alaska this summer. Hope you're well

Milo Matthews responded on 09/07/2017

Yes yes yes!!!!!! what ever you can do to make it happen I would love it very much.
Thank you for thinking of me and hope we can hang.
Give us a call when you can 907-343-9163

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